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HU – Human


AI – Artificial Intelligence


Indian Agriculture Market is a 350 billion dollar market where farmer get only 1/4th of what the consumer pays, the rest is distributed among middlemen. Native is a block chain solution designed to connect the farmer with the customer and to have a transparent food supply chain mapping the food journey from farm to table.
Using Native we aim to reshape the way of doing business by eliminating middle men, quality tampering and other fraudulent activities and empowering the farmers. This is achieved by coupling IOT, AI and Blockchain. Using IOT to acquire data and feeding that data for machine learning and publishing relevant information to Blockchain to distribute information to all the stake holders in a transparent way.


Ants are truly incredible beings and their nests are inspiration for most of the skyscrapers we see today. There pattern of entering a seemingly chaotic market and earning a minute amount of food getting unnoticed is what inspired us to build our stock market predicting BOT ANT. This BOT uses machine learning, deep learning and time series forecasting techniques to unearth patterns and insights we didn’t see before. These can be used to make unerringly accurate predictions. This BOT is used for scalping where every trade lasts from few seconds to 2mins and our ANT gets out with a minute profit per trade. Our ANT is not a HFT (High Frequency Trading) BOT but a laid back one with accurate results.


We offer training services to our clients and official training partners of IBM for IBM InfoSphere Information Services including InfoSphere DataStage, InfoSphere QualityStage, InfoSphere Information Analyzer(IA), InfoSphere Information Governance Catalog(IGC) and InfoSphere FastTrack. Our trainers are all IBM certified trainers with over 15 years of implementation and training experience.

Our Consulting Services brings a lot of value to our clients by implementing and resolving high complex solutions by predicting future problems based on our extensive experience with the products and building fool proof solutions with cutting edge technologies. Our consultants have worked through all the versions and have been closely associated with the product teams to have an unparalleled knowledge on the architecture of IBM Information Management. Be it a pre sales tech gig or an enterprise implementation we have got you covered with the best resources.


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